The Story

The 1% Improvement Movement™

The 1% Better Every Day lifestyle was developed as Ricky was seeking a new physical challenge in his life.  Specifically, he was looking for a “throw down the gauntlet” objective with incremental wins.  He chose a personal goal of squatting 500 pounds in 500 days. 

Accomplishing so many feats in his life, 500 pounds/227 kilos seemed like a worthy mountain to climb.  He knew he was capable of doing a little tiny bit better every day, about 1%, but not more.  As he pondered the simplicity of performing just 1% Better Every Day, this attitude resonated in his spirit.  He had been searching for a life philosophy that spoke to everyone, no matter what age they were, what skill level, or challenges they were facing.  If you were 14 years old trying to make the JV Basketball Team or you were 57 years old, dealing with the loss of your job, if you committed to getting 1% Better Every Day, you would succeed.

His challenge with this goal was to prove to himself, and everyone around him, that he could achieve something great, something lasting, not by quick hacks or overnight solutions, but by gradual small improvements.  Day 500 of his self-imposed objective, he squatted 610 pounds/277 kilos; one of the most exciting days of his life, the feeling of unconditional support from his fellow lifters was delicious.  Intoxicating.  Spiritual.  Pleased with the strength of his body.  Surprised to be pain-free for the first time in many years. Humbled by the generosity of spirit from his fellow lifters.  Gratified by exceeding his pledge of lifting more than 500 pounds/227 kilos in 500 days, despite tremendous life challenges.

All these outcomes exceeded his expectations.  But nothing could compare with the greatest benefit he internalized from his squatting experience.  The knowledge that striving to be 1% Better Every Day is a lifestyle that will change every aspect of your life for the better.  For fellow truth seekers, it is a life philosophy that works for every situation, age, and culture.  Due to this amazing journey, assisting others in how to be 1% Better Every Day has now become Ricky’s life work.

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