Public Speaking

“He changed the way we work. He changed the way we work out. He changed the way we live. Whether you’re an individual or a business, it’s all the same; you need to transform. Ricky is the man who can make it happen, and make it last. He is an inspiration in every sense.”

- James Dowd, Creative Director at Digital Surgeons

From the 1% movement, Ricky is emerging as a new class of motivational speaker, built to help, inspire, and challenge anyone, from C-students to C-suite executives, to set goals for themselves and then work to actually achieve them. 

Need a plenary speaker or a workshop on how to use 1% Better Every Day in your life? Whether you need an hour or a three-day training, Ricky provides direction on how to use the 1% Better Every Day philosophy for your organization, business, or network.

Speaker Fees

  • Plenary Speaker: $5,000
  • One Day Training: $8,000
  • Three Day Training: $15,000

Plus travel expenses.

Contact Ricky to schedule a speaking event.

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